Malibu Film Festival (2024) Short Films

  • Runaway to Mars

    A man goes on a mission to preach the gospel only to find he's put his family in a life or death situation with a cult.

  • BLUR: A HuMech Story


    A traveling business manager uses modern smart technology to call home, but her reality is soon blurred on the other end of the line.

  • A Small Planet

    A bloodstained carpet and a pointed remark from his girlfriend fracture Jamie's masculinity, leading him to purchase a clandestine service that he believes will save his relationship.

  • Reagan/Quigley '85


    Nancy Reagan's secret weapon to keep the President safe: a San Franciscan astrologer named Joan Quigley. The President's every move is mapped out by her star charts, but does she have ulterior motives?

  • The Finance of Art


    Eccentric gallery-owner, Jim Kempner, attempts to receive a small business loan and is given a hard time.

  • Recovery Phase


    Newly recovering addict Isaiah (James Ken Blackmon) reaches out in the middle of the night to his well intentioned sponsor Emmett (Cole Sydnor). Emmett finds that his attempts to help Isaiah’s current troubles are blocked by a traumatic past that has kept Isaiah from moving forward with his life....

  • Dead End Dreams
    Movie + 1 extra

    Dead End Dreams

    Movie + 1 extra

    Down on his luck and struggling to make ends meet, Fenner agrees to help his estranged and wannabe-actor friend film a new reel in exchange for cash.

  • Eximium Cor

    Drained of biological resources, a Cyborg King faces the dire reality of his kingdom's impending doom. He embarks on a solitary quest to discover a new sanctuary.

  • The Esteemed Priority

    Movie + 1 extra

    The Esteemed Priority is a short stop motion animated film using silhouettes paper cut puppets in the classic tradition of the filmmaker Lotte Reiniger. It’s a story as old as time but just as timely. In today’s world where the chaos of hate, prejudice, and racism is everywhere we ask the questio...

  • Sleepwalking


    Donnie, a struggling writer experiencing recurring dreams, loses the ability to distinguish his real life from his dream life.

  • Sister


    On the day of her older sister's burial, a bereaved woman meets an amicable bartender who helps her find the courage to continue on. A story about sisterly love and the bonds that will always remain.

  • Human Nature


    After Mallory picks flowers from a protected landscape, nature begins to avenge itself against her. Through her struggle, she meets a young man, Jackson, who saves her from the grips of nature. Although all seems well for Mallory and Jackson, nature's final act creates a twist that will leave mou...

  • House #18


    Tim, a new employee at Niljian Landing Corp. is getting his fortune checked for the compatibility with the company’s fortune. Niljian Landing Corp. has a tradition of sending their employees for a fortune compatibility check before giving them a promotion.

    Tim, who never believes in superstitiou...

  • No Future
    Movie + 1 extra

    No Future

    Movie + 1 extra

    Two short films about love at the end of the world: a couple hears bumps in the night, and negotiates with The One.

  • Dead Air
    Movie + 1 extra

    Dead Air

    Movie + 1 extra

    Shortly after receiving a vintage radio as a birthday gift from her husband, Julie begins to hear mysterious coded messages. As she struggles to figure out the meaning – she also has to convince her dismissive husband Roger to believe the ominous warnings.

  • The American Labyrinth

    Movie + 1 extra

    "The American Labyrinth" is a Love story about the journey of a mother and her son through the trauma of racism. They discover by Being love itself they can transcend its traumatizing effect. A thought-provoking documentary that explores the concept of racially motivated violence and its impact o...

  • Egzon


    Egzon, a young man who emulates 80’s action stars, gets an audition he’s been dreaming of. Set out on a mission to set himself up for success, he finds that pursuing the dream is harder than it seems.

  • Leaving Yellowstone

    What starts as a romantic trip in the wilderness, turns ugly as Tessa fights for her life in the winter of Yellowstone National Park.

    Tessa is excited to visit Yellowstone National Park with her new boyfriend, Mark. However, when they arrive, Mark changes, aggression and cruelty building as Tess...

  • Cas & Louisa
    Movie + 1 extra

    Cas & Louisa

    Movie + 1 extra

    A sympathetic dog lends support to his shopping-addicted owner as she romanticizes a not-so-romantic recession.

  • The Way Women Are


    Film Noir. Hubert and Ewa have been married for five years, there is a big age difference between them.

    Ewa starts an affair with a younger man, and her husband becomes suspicious and hires a detective to follow her and provide the evidence of adultery. With the help of her lover, Ewa implements...

  • Just Passing Time


    Just pass time -- it’s what we all do in the dating game until we stop fucking around. This short film encapsulates the circuitous nature of dating people who don’t know what they want, while you yourself don’t know what you want.

    Just Passing Time is about that moment when you realize that you ...


    In the mind of every filmmaker, there are two wolves locked in an epic, eternal, and fierce battle for control and influence.

    The combatants? The analytical left brain and the whimsical right. [INSERT SHORT FILM TITLE] personifies these cerebral hemispheres in the monumentally (or at least margi...

  • And that’s for this Christmas


    While preparing the details for his own funeral, an elderly man realises that he will be celebrating Christmas alone. Unable to fall asleep, he decides to spend the holiday at the grave of his deceased wife.

  • Chauncey


    Zoe is afraid to introduce her new boyfriend to her old stuffed animal, Chauncey.