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Up Next in Malibu Film Festival (2024) Short Films

  • Leaving Yellowstone

    What starts as a romantic trip in the wilderness, turns ugly as Tessa fights for her life in the winter of Yellowstone National Park.

    Tessa is excited to visit Yellowstone National Park with her new boyfriend, Mark. However, when they arrive, Mark changes, aggression and cruelty building as Tess...


    In the mind of every filmmaker, there are two wolves locked in an epic, eternal, and fierce battle for control and influence.

    The combatants? The analytical left brain and the whimsical right. [INSERT SHORT FILM TITLE] personifies these cerebral hemispheres in the monumentally (or at least margi...

  • Before I go

    A psychological drama that follows Emily, a once vibrant and beautiful woman, as she confronts her ex-boyfriend for the first time since he sold her into sex-trafficking years prior. As their conversation unfolds, we peel back the layers of their characters as they wrestle with their fragmented p...