SK8FACE is a film about the history and evolution of skateboard art and culture. Witness the evolution of skateboard art from a simple 2x4 with roller skate wheels to skateboards hanging in museums all over the world.

    The film is a 70 year journey, beginning in the 1950’s when skateboards were...

  • Thank Me for My Service: A Veteran's Cry For Help

    The film captures a two-day period this past August when Chris finds himself in a manic state due to the meddling and persistent worrying of his family. Their worry is not without cause – Chris has a TBI and is bipolar. But Chris’ focus is on developing his one-man live show (of Thank Me For My S...

  • The Island Rover (Harold's Boat Problem)

    Harold Arndt has spent more than 30 years building an educational schooner out of recycled steel behind his home in Freeport, Maine.

    After decades of legal conflict with his town, friends, and neighborhood, The Island Rover is on the verge of being destroyed - along with Harold's lifelong dream ...

  • Humanity Stoked


    A documentary about the beauty in overcoming fear and other challenges facing humanity as seen by icons of pro skating, science, art, music, activism, and education, all of whom share experiences and perspectives shaped by their love of skateboarding.

  • Dreams of Daraa


    In Daraa, Syria, 25-year-old Hanadi dreams of answers. The questions: Where is my husband? How can I get my daughters to safety? Is there someplace to call home? As so many dreams turn to nightmares around her, Hanadi refuses to accept the cards she’s been dealt. Relying on her own wit and braver...

  • Yxayotl: Music of Ancient Mexico


    Traveling back in time to the golden age of Ancient America; the Late, Maestro Xavier Quijas Yxayotl - a direct descendant of the Huichol Indians of Jalisco Mexico - demonstrated the power contained in the ancient musical instruments that our ancestors played for more than 2,000 years.

  • Finding Hetch Hetchy


    Yosemite Valley is well-known as the epicenter of American climbing. Its sister valley to the north, has long been left in the shadows of Yosemite’s reputation. The Hetch Hetchy Valley, similarly home to towering granite walls and the majestic beauty for which the Sierra is known, stays well out ...

  • The Other Side - A Portrait of Nikki Bell


    A sex trafficking survivor begins working to transform her community. But when the pandemic threatens to unravel an invaluable outreach program, she and her team risk everything to continue supporting those in need.

  • Invented Before You Were Born


    Filmmaker confronts a family history of slavery and what it means to descendants of the enslaved.

  • Pinheiro


    A portrait of the modern skier and part of Atomic’s vision for the future of ski racing.

    Soul is part one of a four part series profiling Lucas Pinheiro Braathen, the sport’s most exciting character. A celebration of skiing and our tribute to a time when skiers were rockstars and skied with thei...

  • For the Love of Friends


    In 1986, to awaken America to the AIDS crisis and to honor the friends he lost, Brent Nicholson Earle runs the perimeter of the United States. In The American Run for the End of AIDS, Brent runs almost a marathon a day for 20 months straight. After enduring blisters, exhaustion, ignorance and fea...

  • Eating Our Way To Extinction

    Movie + 1 extra

    A journey around the world, from the depths of the Amazon rainforests to the Taiwanese Mountains, the Mongolian desert, the US Dust Bowl, the Norwegian Fjords and the Scottish coastlines, telling the story of our planet through shocking testimonials, poignant accounts from indigenous people most ...

  • The Neighborhood Storyteller


    A young and education deprived Syrian woman embarks on a new read aloud project to empower teenage girls to build a future of opportunities she never had. Despite her complex living situation as a refugee in the Zaatari camp and female within a conservative community, she is determined to raise a...

  • Finding The Line


    This movie tells the story of an adventure that will take the viewer into Ida Rolf's world of Structural Integration.

  • Cooking Inside: from Prison to Home


    A revolutionary documentary series that explores the lives and conditions of incarcerated peoples around the country through the meals they made while inside. "Cooking Inside" asks former incarcerated people to recreate meals they made in prison exactly the way they had to make them, while sharin...

  • The Call We Carry


    his ground-breaking documentary film challenges the status quo on the impacts of trauma exposure among today's first responders. Follow the journeys of four Tacoma Firefighters as they share their stories of pain, self-care, and mental health resiliency in the midst of an unprecedented call volum...

  • Dust Never Settled


    After the Artsakh War in 2020, Armenia was once again plunged into distress and struggle. In the midst of defeat, medical facilities overflowing with patients, and a refugee crisis, there were still smiles to be seen if one looked in the right place.

  • Derek Changes His Mind


    Derek Dabkoski participates in an experiment studying the effects of stem cell surgery to treat brain injuries.

  • Blossom In Silence


    Laura's journey of self-discovery in vertical caving and a meditation on living an authentic life through extreme sports.

  • Safe Passage (for Sheila)


    On the surface, Safe Passage (for Sheila) is a look at living alone during the pandemic in a 2 1/2 minute story about a spider. In a deeper sense, it challenges the femme fatale stereotype. Based on a true story.

  • Goulash The Lost Weekend


    At least 69,144 people experience homelessness nightly in LA County, according to the 2022 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count.

  • Surviving Sunset


    Surviving Sunset is the story of an actor, who fights back against the odds by overcoming his own fears and creating his own path to Hollywood, documenting his journey along the way. He meets other actors who share their own fears and insecurities with him, helping help him to understand his own ...

  • Conversations With The Past


    The film looks at places we have forsaken in the past and the reasons why entire communities may abandon their homes and settlements. It also indicates how past migrations foreshadow the future, a future that will see major populations displacements. We ask, in particular, which parts of the c...